NPC Details

Basic Information

Lv.60 Vanguard Soldier
Vanguard Soldier
HP 53,088,750 Damage 14,014
Type Neutral

Sky Tower 1F. The World outside The World X: 44, Y: 244 Sky Tower 4F. The Imprisoned King X: 44, Y: 244 Sky Tower: Chess X: 101, Y: 277 Sky Tower 11F: In the name of The Guarding Ominous Flame X: 101, Y: 280 Sky Tower 12F: Monsters and Humans X: 101, Y: 276 Sky Tower 13F: Stubborn Love X: 97, Y: 275 Sky Tower 15F: The Grand Finale X: 100, Y: 280 Tower of Sky 16F: Well Met X: 100, Y: 275 Tower of Sky 17F: Rendezvous X: 100, Y: 275 Tower of Sky 19F: Love's Obstacles X: 100, Y: 275

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