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Astraea's Essence Pack -

The Astraea's Essence Pack is stuffed with goodies for you and your Eidolons! You are guaranteed to get one of the listed blue items! Right-click to obtain between four and six of the following items: Astraea's Key of Gaia Astraea's Key Fragments Mysterious Armor Emblem Luminous Secret Stone Pure Experience Crystal Large Experience Crystal Medium Experience Crystal Small Experience Crystal Crystallized Experience Fragments Crystallized Experience Dust Mysterious Armor Emblem Healing Potion Monster XP Book Advanced Treasure Charm Intermediate Treasure Charm Lucky Card Renaming Rune Small Fluorescent Bead Fluorescent Bead If you've opened 35 of Astraea's Essence Packs and have still not received Astraea's Key of Gaia or Astraea's Key Fragments, then the 36th Astraea's Essence Pack that you will open will guarantee an Astraea's Fragment Key. All of these packs must have been opened by the same character on the same account.

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