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1.3 Million Celebratory Large Lucky Pack (Non-Tradable) -

In order to celebrate the number of players worldwide exceeding 1.3 million, we have prepared a large lucky pack. Open it quickly to find out what it contains! Right-click to obtain one of the following items: Dragon God Demir x1 Inferno - Magic-armored Griffin x1 Golden Chubby Birdy x1 Diao Chan's Key of Gaia x1 Brilliant Evolutionary Beads x1 5 Star Equipment Fusion Stone (Non-Tradable) x1 4 Star Equipment Fusion Stone (Non-Tradable) x1 Twentieth-Order Weapon Fortification Scroll (Non-Tradable) x1 Twentieth-Order Armor Fortification Scroll (Non-Tradable) x1 Fifteenth-Order Accessory Fortification Scroll (Non-Tradable) x1 Alchemy Coupon: 50 Ruby Coins x1 5,000 Loyalty Points x1 2,000 Loyalty Points x1 1,000 Loyalty Points x1 500 Loyalty Points x1 Costume Dye Lucky Pack (Non-Tradable) x2 Mysterious Stone Remixed Potion (Non-Tradable) x5

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