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Angelic Dream Lucky Pack (Non-Tradable) -

This pack could contain just what you need to be truly divine. Right-click to obtain one of the following items: Archangel Feathers x1 Angel Feathers x1 Cherub Feathers x1 Cherub Feathers (3 Days) x1 Small Fluorescent Bead x2 Monster XP Book (Non-Tradable) x1 Lucky Card (Non-Tradable) x1 Advanced Treasure Charm (Non-Tradable) x1 Intermediate Treasure Charm (Non-Tradable) x1 Treasure Charm (Non-Tradable) x2 Luminous Secret Stone (Non-Tradable) x2 Eidolon XP Crystal (Non-Tradable) x2 Mysterious Armor Emblem (Non-Tradable) x2 Healing Potion (Non-Tradable) x2

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