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Enhanced Strengthening Hammer Lv. 50
Increase DMG by 49 - 59 Decrease DEF by 5 - 7 Using this item will increase the Fortification of an item by 1. It can only be used on equipment that already has been enchanted with the above attributes. Fortification Type: Weapon, Helmet, Armor, Belt, Gloves, Boots Can only be used on gear of Level 50 or above.

Use this advanced strengthening tool to increase the DMG of equipment. Right-click to start enhancing equipment.

Cost 100 silver Selling Price 10 silver

Obtained by

By Destroying

Salvaging or destroying the following items, will give you a chance of getting Enhanced Strengthening Hammer.
Bloody Rose Sword and Shield
Cleaver of the Sky
Bringer of Pandemonium
Thunderclap Sword and Shield
Nazrudin's Draconic Sword and Shield
Nazrudin's Axe of the Ocean's Might
Nazrudin's Ferocious Shark Cannon
Dragon Tail and Dragon Scale
Helm of the Bloodthirsty Lord
The Bloodthirsty Lord's Crimson Hauberk
Gigas's Fist of Unbound Strength
Gigas's Terra-Shattering Stomp
Undefeatable Champion's Oath of Gigas
Horned Crown of Zaahir
Molten Bliault of Zaahir
The Reaper's Vambraces
Steps of the Reaper
The Reaper's Sash
Holy Emblem
Blessed Plume
Mac's Cap of Intuition
Mac's Vest of Bold Determination
Sigrun's Grips
Sigrun's Strong Gaiters
Sigrun's Belt of Protection
Necklace of Comets
Ring of Comets
Cloak of Comets
Grass Kingdom's Sword of Bravery
Giant Jordan's Cleaver of the Seas
Blockhead's Nemesis Incinerator
Eddie's Demon Hunting Cap
Daisy's Robes of the Fiery Soul
Sheldon's Engineering Gloves
Stanley's Demon Stomping Boots
Grass Kingdom Hero's Belt
Forseti's Admirable Soul
Hallim's Mighty Strikes
Bradley's Mountain Buster
Zaahir's Unyielding Sword and Shield
Zaahir's Swift Decapitator
Zaahir's Meteoric Shock
Dullas's Biting Grasp
Leon's Bloody Footsteps
Perihelion's Belt of Exile
Wade's Amulet of Destruction
Sloar's Slippery Skin
Varis's Signet
Bayin's Amulet of Warmth
Doniland's Immortal Skin
Senka's Venomous Band
Loner Mk.XI's Energized Chain
Destroyer G-800's Explosion-proof Cloak
The Murderlator's Ring of Perpetual Motion
Eye of the Phoenix
Arrel's Steel Wings
Gordon's Ring of Gales
Magoo's Serrated Necklace
Kelosa's Iron Wall
King Serge's Eye
Barthold's Chain of Ruin
Gomory's Ominous Wind
Grim's Ring of the Dead
Grimm's Draconic Rune
Alessa's Divine Gem
Abraxas's Heroic Blade
Eligos's Symbol of Power
Uzuriel's Revelation
Bel-Chandra's Trident
Yarnaros's Memento
Zaahir's Molten Core
Tigerius Caesar's Warhorn
Cleopawtra's Shining Pendant
Endora's Black Cat
Aveline's Undying Vengeance
Whispers of the Dragonborn
Vachnam's Vigil
Tavana's Toxic Vial
Tavana's Bloody Cloak
Tavana's Watchful Eye
Zeram's Dominating Eye
Quetalo's Misplaced Cloak
The Seal of Gainey
Taloc's Amulet of Thunder
Scales of the Thunder King
Taloc's Electrified Band of Bone
Shirayuki's Icey Zither
Meazzara's Grim Cloak
Hidden Demon's Hood
Baphomet's Assault Armor
Demon's Fortified Warhelm
Bisolen's Bulwark Armor
Alucard's Drakegem Necklace
Eris Star Crown
Eris Star Vestment
Eris Sidereal Gauntlets
Eris Sidereal Boots
Eris Sidereal Belt
Titan's Flaming Soul
Nemeon's Head
Six Wings: Heavenly Sword and Shield
Beast King Decapitator
Dynastic Cannon
Fenrir's Dog Tag
Fenrir's Legendary Horn
Burning Battle God Hat
Burning Battle God Light Armor
Shirley's Shameful Binding
Shirley's Crimson Veil
Shirley's Blood-Red Tear
Hurricane Wargod Wrist Wraps
Hurricane Wargod Boots
Hurricane Wargod Waist Support
Solar Machinery Greatsword
Nazrudin Breath Sword
Royal Rose Guard
Holy Judgment of the Winged Goddess
Annie's Demon Slayer
Mandon's Aegis of Courage
Zaahir's Might
True Flame Evil Beholder Sword
Aveline's True Tears
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